Our Investment Focus

Versant is committed to transforming healthcare through innovation. We seek visionary companies that target major opportunities to make bold and meaningful improvements to healthcare. We actively engage and collaborate with entrepreneurs and industry partners to incubate, operate and mature these companies.

We invest in companies with compelling value propositions involving proprietary technology and/or defensible service models. These companies have highly differentiated products or services that represent substantial innovation and/or clinical improvements over existing practices.

Our Investment Approach

The Versant team is comprised of successful business people and entrepreneurs with broad operational and scientific backgrounds. We leverage our internal expertise and external networks to support the creation and growth of transformative healthcare companies. We partner with our portfolio companies across an array of functions to translate their great ideas into breakthroughs that reshape healthcare.

Our Investment Criteria

We consider investments based on the following criteria:

Team Dynamic

We seek seasoned entrepreneurs who possess an in-depth understanding of the business, science, and market opportunities. And these determined minds have a passion for success and a vision for the future that sustains them through the challenges of building a great company. While we always value teams with deep experience, we also recognize that early-stage companies rarely have all the expertise they desire. By leveraging our considerable network of industry contacts and internal capabilities, we often work hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to assemble a world-class leadership team.

Market Opportunity

We seek large market opportunities. We invest in new companies that target opportunities of at least $500 million in annual revenue. Our evaluation considers projected adoption rates, payors for the product or service, and reimbursement structures.

Technology Differentiation

We seek innovations that are truly unique. Successful healthcare companies innovate either as a first mover or fast follower in a category. We partner with both. We value breakthrough products and services that are clearly differentiated and superior to the existing competition. We evaluate the sustainability of this competitive advantage and the pathway to intellectual property protection.

Business Model

We seek companies who have a clear picture of the commercial and strategic value of their assets, how they will market and get paid for their product or service, and a well-defined financial plan for the amount of capital it will take to do so.