Donald Milder

Don Milder is a Managing Director with over 25 years of venture experience as both entrepreneur and investor. His operating background in healthcare has led him to focus on medical device and healthcare services investing at Versant. Prior to co-founding Versant Ventures in 1999, Don led healthcare investing at CrossPoint Venture Partners where he was a Partner.

Before joining CrossPoint, Don was CEO of Infusion Systems Corporation, a CrossPoint portfolio company. He also served as president of TRIMED Corporation, a manufacturer of dialysis, hemophilia and IV products. Additionally, he held business development positions with Eastman Kodak and Dynatech. As one of the pioneer venture investors in healthcare services, Don developed a highly successful model for early-stage investing in the sector.

Paula Freese


I have had the good fortune over the last 25 years to work with many talented entrepreneurs to bring life-changing products and services to the healthcare field. I am thankful to have spent my career in an area that contributed so meaningfully to the advancement of healthcare and proved so personally rewarding.