Michael Crackower, Ph.D.


Michael is an entrepreneur-in-residence based in Toronto, Canada. He brings to Versant more than 16 years of drug discovery leadership experience, which includes deep expertise in the fields of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.


Michael joined Versant from Celgene, where he held the position of executive director and head of late drug discovery and fibrosis research. In that role, he shaped the strategy for Celgene’s autoimmunity, inflammation and fibrosis programs. He also served as a mentor to the company’s program leads.

Prior to Celgene, Michael was director of research for tissue injury and fibrosis at Biogen. Earlier in his career, he worked at Merck and Amgen.

Michael has a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario and a Ph.D. in molecular and medical genetics from the University of Toronto.