Venture Partner

Rami Hannoush, Ph.D.


Rami Hannoush is a venture partner operating across San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area. He brings a unique blend of investment experience and deep drug discovery expertise to our company creation efforts.

Rami most recently served as a general partner at Mubadala Capital, building the firm’s healthcare platform in the U.S. and investing in early stage life science companies. He also was a co-founder and CEO of EpiBiologics.

Prior to that, Rami was an accomplished and respected member of the Genentech R&D team for a period of more than 16 years. His leadership roles included area head for new therapeutic modalities and group leader for a multitude of successful programs in the fields of oncology and immunology.


While Rami has developed relationships with many of the leading academics in the Bay Area and San Diego, he has also retained a strong network within Canada and the northeast, which stems from his academic training at McGill and Harvard. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from McGill and did his postdoctoral training in chemical biology and cell biology at Harvard.