Venture Partner

Richard Glynne, Ph.D.


Richard is a venture partner at Versant as well as president and CSO of Versant's Inception Sciences Discovery Engine. He brings significant expertise in the development and translation of novel therapies.


Richard joined Inception as CSO in 2018. Previously, he led search and evaluation for immune oncology, immunology and digital therapeutics in the business development group at Novartis. Prior to the BD role, Richard served as an Executive Director, leading a research group at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, that focused on infectious disease and immunology and contributed to multiple pre-clinical and clinical development programs. Richard trained in immunology and genetics during his PhD (ICRF, London) and post-doc (HHMI, Stanford), after which he held leadership positions in Eos Biotechnology and Phenomix Corporation, before joining Novartis in 2004.