Ross Jaffe, MD

Ross Jaffe is a Managing Director specializing in early-stage investing in medical devices, bringing significant clinical insight to each venture. Ross co-founded Versant Ventures in 1999 after spending nine years at Brentwood Venture Capital where, as a general partner, he led investments in medical devices, drug delivery, and healthcare information systems companies. What initially drew Ross to venture capital was the daily opportunity to integrate his medical training and business background.

Ross completed his residency training in Internal Medicine/Primary Care at the University of California, San Francisco. He remained a part-time physician there until 1995. Before and during medical school he was an Analyst for Lewin and Associates, a healthcare consulting firm, and a Research Associate at Dartmouth Medical School.

Paula Freese


Ross thoroughly enjoys hearing stories where the technologies in which he invests benefit friends and family. Ross was an early investor in Therasense - the developer of a cutting edge blood-glucose monitor, a successful Brentwood investment. One night at the family dinner table, a 10- year-old friend of his daughter produced a glucose monitor to test her pre-meal glucose. Unaware of Ross's involvement with the medical device world, she proceeded to explain why she preferred this Therasense meter to the other meters she had used in the past. Such stories support Ross’ belief that Versant “does well by doing good.” When Ross isn’t making a difference in the healthcare world you can find him speeding around a racetrack or on an adventurous discovery of a new land with his wife and two daughters.